About me

My name’s Rain Urbsalu – thanks for stopping by!

I don’t take offence if someone calls me an “office rat”, because that’s exactly what I have been for the past 14 years since I left university. But there’s no bitterness in me. In that time I’ve met loads of fascinating people, learned a great deal of new and exciting things and perhaps been given more than I’ve been able to give back. In December 2014, I celebrated ten years as a financial advisor at KPMG (the last three of which were spent at KPMG’s Finnish office). Every marriage needs a bit of ”spicing up” now and then, and the same applies to employment relationship.

In the past few years my friends and I have travelled to China, Vietnam, Venezuela, the Philippines, Georgia and Cuba. Venezuela and Cuba had the greatest impact on me. I realised I’ve got a great passion for Latin American and South American countries when I was in Cuba. I’m more of an independent traveller – I like to keep my distance from large travel groups. Adventures, talking to locals and experiencing things first-hand really do it for me.

I realised that travelling to these countries in the way I’d like to is impossible without speaking Spanish. So I decided to return to Cuba in February 2015 and get my Spanish up to the level of everyday communication by living and studying there (at the University of Havana) for eight months.

Cuba is unique. It’s a mixture of Spanish, American and African influences with a bit of Russian (or at least the Soviet Union) thrown in for extra flavour. Its lack of Western consumerism, its friendliness, its educated people, its low crime rates, its abundant music and rum – all of this makes Cuba an exciting and exhilarating experience for every visitor.

After I returned from my Cuba adventure to Finland in October 2015, I realised that I have sold my soul to Latin America. I did not see a point in fighting myself; therefore, I packed my suitcases again and moved to Monterrey (a city in Mexico) in May 2016 and continue my career at KPMG in Mexico.

Wishing you all the best and the courage to make your dreams come true,


P.S. See you in Latin America.